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Obesity And Weight Loss

Obesity and being overweight is hitting epidemic proportions in the United.States. Being overweight or being obese is a problem because it causes several medical problems such as: hypertension, diabetes mellitus, congestive heart failure, renal failure, accelerated osteoarthritis and many more medical problems. Some of the symptoms are fatigue, depression, shortness of breath, join pain, and many more.

Once you have gained weight it becomes very difficult to lose because of behavioral issues and metabolic challenges. Diet alone is not enough and combining exercise and diet can be very challenging for many people.

Dr Zia Ahmed can facilitate weight loss by incorporating medications that work on appetite suppression, fat absorption and metabolism. Being an endocrinologist, Dr. Ahmed can make sure your weight gain is not caused by an unknown medical problem such as thyroid disorders or Cushings Syndrome/Disease.

When you come to your visits, Dr Ahmed will reinforce diet, calories, and portion control. We will give you the tools to lose weight such as counting calories and label reading.